Home Based and Traditional Travel Agents Revenue Could Increase With Add-On Travel Products

Home based and traditional travel agents are set to increase their revenue when booking London bound vacations and flights for their clients.

Various travel suppliers are springing up and bringing out add-on travel products and services that travel agents can sell to prospective clients going to London.

This type of add-on sale and in fact the add-on travel market in general is increasing as more travellers seek destination specific activities and services.

London especially seems to be leading the way with up to half a dozen companies offering these type of add-on products and services to travel agents.

This new add-on travel market could well help reverse the fortunes of many Home based and traditional travel agents who over the last few years have seen a steady decline in their revenue. Many have gone to the wall while others have had to work harder just to stay afloat.

One of the main problems agents have been facing is that tour operators and airlines have greatly reduced the amount they pay agents for getting them customers.

Many ordinary travellers may think it’s just them that are being squeezed by airlines by being charged for luggage and other things that were once free.

But in many respects it’s the ordinary home based and traditional travel agent that is really being squeezed. For example many agents earn less than $20 for flight bookings they make for their clients and some agents earn a lot less than that.

Home based and traditional travel agents often voice concerns that they should be paid better for the work they do. Add-on products and services are an answer to that call as they generally earn agents a lot more money than say a flight or car hire sale.

If home based and traditional travel agents are to survive into the future they will need to get more innovative in what they do and what they sell. Finding travel products and services to sell as add-ons to the original sale could be a way forward and provide agents with another stream of revenue.

Ronnie Rodney is co-founder of EPok.com. EPok.com helps visitors to London save money on eating out and going out in London. It also provides visitors with a free independent hotel report on the hotel that you are thinking of staying at.

EPok.com has launched their EPok London Pack as

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Finding Travel Agents is Easy Now!

Mailing lists – are they really useful in helping you locate a travel agent? Well, mailing lists are a new concept that has gained momentum with the advent of internet. These mailing lists are generally a database of the service providers, which the customers are in search of. A mailing list for travel agents is of utmost importance, because only a travel agent can make all the arrangements to make your tour a grand success.

Where does one find a travel agent? The answer, in the current scenario, has to be the internet. There are scores of websites ready with a list of agents. But, such a list has to be from a trustworthy and reputed website. After all, a traveler could be visiting a totally new destination where all the facilities, including boarding, lodging, and transportation, have to be pre-arranged.

Reputation is the key for any service provider. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a travel agent par excellence:

· He must be licensed
· Have in-depth knowledge about tourism
· Should have a strong network, preferably across the globe
· Must book flight or train tickets
· Ability to arrange accommodation
· Allocate a tourist guide for sightseeing
· A good fleet of limousines, cars, buses, and vans
· Must ensure tourist safety
· Have a contingency plan in case of any disaster
· An excellent and round the clock customer service

The travel agents mailing list must be constantly updated. There is simply no point in a listing that contains the same old agents, which the clients are not very particular about. Also, as the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’, every customer would want to try out the services of a new agent. Yet another advantage in changing your agent is that you have an opportunity to know about the various deals that are on offer for the travelers.

Did you know that there can be a customized mailing list of agents? Yes, the travelers have the option to specify the services they expect from the agents and a list that is in sync with the customer requirement is created. Further, while purchasing mailing lists, a traveler has the option to choose the format in which the lists should be present.

When you need the contact details of some of the best travel agents but simply don’t have the time to search, the best alternative is to resort to the mailing list.

I would recommend big-mailing-lists.com who se

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